Three Gunas and the Secret of the Kundalini Shakti

There are many individuals who are unfamiliar with the tantric arts and hence find it difficult to understand, whether or not tantra is a religion or simply a way of life. Tantric art and science are an alternative form of spirituality which originated from India thousands of years ago. The art of tantra was first taught to the western world by Kriyasananda in the third century of the Common Era. He transmitted his knowledge of tantra to the east for an accumulated set of practices and rituals which have been refined and modified for centuries. This Tantric art comprises a vast network of ideas, beliefs, philosophies, spiritual truths and secrets which have been handed down through time and the knowledge preserved within them can be utilized in order to reach enlightenment.

Learn Exactly How We Made Three Gunas And The Secret Of The Kundalini Shakti

Tantric philosophy teaches us that our true nature, that inner spiritual Self, is located deep within our selves and that through meditation and spiritual practices, this true nature can become manifest in our daily life. It is this awakening of our True Self that causes us to experience the joys of both inner peace and abundant health. In order to achieve the ultimate aim of experiencing kundalini shakti and kundalini energy in our daily life, we must adhere to a strict set of guidelines. These guidelines are imperative to our being of the highest caliber. The first guideline is that we should adhere to the tantric principles of the three Gunas (tissues, energy, and consciousness).

The second guideline is that we should not only focus on the interior aspects of our body (physical body), but also concentrate on exterior aspects (earance and behavior). The three Gunas are all interrelated and if we work on each aspect separately, we may miss the target. If we were to focus solely on the physical aspect of life, we would miss the opportunity to work on the chakras. It is possible to achieve the ultimate goal of tantric kundalini awakening by working on all three aspects at once. In this case, it is called the trinity process or the tantric yantra yoga.

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