Funeral Booklet Printing and What it Offers funeral planners and funeral families

Funeral booklets are a special part of funeral programs. These booklets are designed to be filed along with the funeral service program and are an important tool in funeral planning. They serve as a means of sharing highlights of the deceased life, including any accomplishments they may have made, special interests, favorite charities and religious or cultural associations. They also usually include the times that the departed was born, married, had a child or became terminally ill – Read more

Funeral Booklet – Personalized Booklets For a Deceased Person

Funeral booklets may include a bible verse or poem if the reader desires. The booklet is also used for memorial tributes. Generally, the booklet is folded up which makes it easier for family members to distribute. Booklet size is 7 inches by 8 inches and can be printed on inkjet paper using an ink-jet printer.

Most funeral booklet printing comes in two separate parts; the front and the back. The back side usually contains the obituary, funeral program information, acknowledgement cards and photos. On the front side, the front cover will show a generic layout, a prayer, scriptures or other verses or words from the ceremony. These booklets can also contain a special insert for a poem, bible passage or other special message.