Hard Rock Drilling Specialist

Drilling Specialist

Hard Rock Drilling & Power Wrenching Specialist Co., Inc. is an innovator of cutting-edge drilling technology for commercial, industrial and residential customers worldwide. The company’s core product line, Drilling Specialist Pro, offers a wide range of innovative power wrenches and power saws designed specifically for drilling holes in wood, sheetrock, sheet metal, and concrete. These innovative tools offer users exceptional performance, reliability, versatility, and value for money. In the process, these heavy-duty power tools deliver a level of accuracy, consistency, and safety that no other hand-held tool can match. Learn more here

Hard Rock Drilling Specialist Your Way To Success

Drilling specialists combine a full set of hand-held power tools along with a unique range of overhead crane-mounted power tools for efficient drilling and detailed woodworking operations. Hard Rock Sawing & Drilling Specialist Co. s consistently delivers quality products that meet or exceed the requirements of today’s drilling applications. For example, the company’s core product line includes core drills featuring both disc and sliding pliers that work in harmony to ensure maximum power and accuracy with minimum vibration. Hard Rock saws feature variable-rate motors and push-back operations that allow for precise, economical power usage. Drilling specialist power tools are also fitted with exclusive accessory kits that include everything from optional oil lubrication to exclusive dust collection bags.

In order to effectively and efficiently perform their tasks, drilling professionals must have a broad knowledge of the various types of drilling equipment available and how each tool works. Each type of drill has its own unique advantages as well as limitations. Drilling machines such as diamond core drills offer efficient power and accuracy; however, they tend to leave small, fine lines and mark up the wood. Hard Rock drills feature larger holes with less frequent scoring, which allows for more precision drilling into hardwood and other softwoods. In addition, these diamond core power tools require little room to accommodate their larger size and powerful motors.