PASMA Training

PASMA (PAASM) has been training people to use mobile scaffolding equipment since 1960. This kind of training now spans over ten different countries in Europe and two other regions of the world – Asia and the Pacific. This training centre was set up by the European Union to improve standards of scaffolding safety across the globe. PASMA training offers students the knowledge and experience needed to successfully dismantle and assemble mobile scaffolds.

Safety on the Job and in the Laboratory

PASMA Training provides the necessary knowledge to dismantle and assemble mobile scaffolding towers that are used for a variety of purposes. The courses cover both the physical and technical aspects of PASMA tower assembly to ensure that all instructors understand the principles of scaffolding safety. PASMA Training will provide all trainees with the knowledge and ability to successfully dismantle and assemble low-level portable towers in a safe and reliable manner. This training can also be beneficial to scaffolding contractors who are planning on expanding their business or who are just starting out in the industry. All PASMA trainees are required to take part in at least one PASMA course in order to successfully complete the certification process. Most PASMA courses are held at either a technical college or a PASMA-approved lab, and students must attend all sessions at these venues.

To enroll in PASMA Training courses, you must contact a PASMA approved training course provider who is located close to your home or place of work. Some of the PASMA Training providers can be found online, while others operate through a physical office. Upon enrollment into one of the PASMA courses, you will receive a PASMA Standard Card and a PASMA Training Manual. These manuals are full of important information, including all types of safety information. The manuals are also written in easy to understand language, making it easy for all trainees to understand and use them.