Silk and Delicates Care Kit

The Laundress offers several silk and delicates care kits that are designed to maintain the fabric’s condition and maintain its beautiful sheen. The care kit also includes a mesh bag for protecting the delicate fabric while washing it. The delicate care kit also contains a variety of sprays for hand washing and a large bag for sleepwear. The products are safe for use on all types of fabrics and can reduce the frequency of dry cleaning. See website

Proof That Silk And Delicates Care Kit Really Works

Silk  Delicates Care Kit

The silk and delicates care kit contains natural ingredients and is scented with a citrus blend called Lady. The kits also contain soap and fabric conditioners designed to preserve delicate fabrics. You can wash your silk garment on gentle cycle, but make sure that the water temperature is below 120 degrees. Do not use the tumble dryer to clean silk or other materials that can be damaged by high temperatures. For a better result, handwash your items and put them in a dry cleaner.

To clean silk and delicates, take them to the dry cleaner. The detergents should be gentle and safe to use on these fabrics. The items should be soaked in cool water for about five minutes. If the items are colourfast, they can be machine washed. They should be rinsed carefully and hung dry. When using a gentle fabric conditioner, you should follow the label on the product. If the item has a cross symbol, it can be machine washed, and should be removed before putting them in the dryer.